My Journey by Amber Suter

My Journey by Amber Suter

In this day and age we all fight the battle of un-health and mis-fitness at every corner. We’re consumers, consumed with consuming. I, along with others, have fought this battle for many years. But to the end of my unhealth, I chose the road of transformation of lifestyle like so many of us are encouraged to do by friends, family, and medical professionals. I, however, took mine a step further and ventured beyond the fitness world on into the competitive sport of Powerlifting.

I started my journey in December 2005 as a lost, vagabond weightlifter. I had used cardio and improved diet to drop from my highest weight of 315 down to 200 and lost over 10% bodyfat, but it was time to “shape up” and add some muscle in the process. What better way to do that than to do some hardcore weight training? I wasn’t up for the typical “go from machine #1 to machine #2” workout. I wanted blood, sweat, tears, challenge beyond anything I could ever imagine. Enter – Powerlifting.

My husband, then boyfriend-2 time National Level Olympic Weightlifter-Strongman Competitor, purchased a gym membership for me. I was taught about the 3 powerlifts and started training a powerlifting peak cycle, much like Ed Coan’s, with a high volume bodybuilding twist. I had my first competion within 4 weeks of training and have since maintained active membership with SPF (Southern Powerlifting Association), APF(American Powerlifting Federation), and NAS, Inc (North American Strongman, Inc.). I started out primarily training equipped but now train as a rule raw and compete both raw and equipped.

My competition results include first place in the following: 2005 Southeastern Cup Powerlifting Championship, 2006 8th Annual Powerhouse Gym Powerlifting Championship, SPF Southern Bench Press Championship, SPF GA State Championship, GA Strongest Man-Women’s Division, 2007 APF AL Open, North GA Barbell APF GA State Powerlifting Championship, SPF Record Breakers and 2008 SPF TN State Powerlifting Championship. I compete in 3 weight classes 220, 198, and 181.

My journey continues still as I train hard and heavy for my goal for Elite status in Raw and Equipped lifting by December 2008. I’ve branched out further than the first gym I joined and am now training with, Jesse Rodgers, SPF President and Master Elite Powerlifter of The Original Chattanooga Iron Men. I’ve since put 100 lbs on my total and am #2 in the United States for Raw Deadlift in the SHW class at 211 bodyweight. I believe what has got me there is the philosophy of the old school lifters – raw hardcore training. If you want to squat better – squat. If you want to bench better – bench. If you want to deadlift better – deadlift. It’s all in the technique, technique, technique. Once the technique is engrained, only then can you build your true strength.

Health is still a priority in maintaining my lifestyle. Transitioning over to primarily organic fruits, vegetable, and healthy grains and eating only grass fed, free range beef and poultry has made a real difference in my dietary intake as well as taking BMF Sports on board in my nutritional, supplement, and energy needs. Proper diet, supplements, and adequate rest compliment my lifestyle and are carrying me closer to my Powerlifting goals.

I plan, with my partners and proud sponsors, to be one of the many women in the sport of competitive powerlifting who inspires and drives others to take an “all out” attitude. To give it all or go home!

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